Transforming Customer Onboarding

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Case Study

Transforming Customer Onboarding


A leading bank faced operational challenges where potential new clients were not being responded to quickly or efficiently resulting in a major loss of client acquisition. Automation was able to dramatically improve the customer and employee experience.


A leading global bank from the United Kingdom wanted to transform their customer onboarding process by:

  • Using technology to speed up the onboarding process as the bank was losing 20% of enquiries due to process delays


Optimised the onboarding process with minimal human intervention.

  • Computer vision and DataFusion extracted consumer data from the onboarding documents and uploaded it to the bank’s CRM tool
  • Robotic Automation Processing (RPA)auto verified the consumer identities
  • Accounts were automatically created. Customers s enjoyed a better experience by not having to input as much detail
reduction in on boarding time
reduction in on boarding costs