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Aviation Industry


Digital technologies have transformed various businesses over the last decade. Travel & Transportation (T&T) is one of those segments strongly impacted by this exciting technology, leveraging it to push customised promotions and personalised messaging. As these businesses go digital, the amount of data produced is huge, hiding a mine of information that could be inferred to derive business insights.

At Valenta, we have an exclusive team of professionals with experience in all aspects connected with aviation. These specialists have the expertise to mine data multiple streams and from various sources and gather valuable insights. Our domain-specific solutions help businesses in T & T achieve better performance thereby improving revenues and efficiency in their daily operations.

We would gladly partner with you to help you achieve your goals irrespective of the platform at your end. Whether it is an existing legacy application you need help with or a next-gen solution you wish installed, we will partner with you on your journey.

Our areas of expertise include application transformation management (ATM), legacy modernization, advanced analytics, product engineering, digital assurance (testing), infrastructure management services, digital and business process solutions for passenger travel, ticketing & reservations, cargo, revenue management, web-booking & e-Commerce, CRM & loyalty and crew management.

Valenta’s Aviation Industry Solutions

Revenue Accounting - Passenger & Cargo Revenue

Financial operations are very crucial to the success of an airline. Our financial solutions provide crucial insights enabling the management to take quick decisions on risks, costs, revenue optimisation, profitability, cash flows and overall business performance. Our solutions manage a wide range of functions – from a ticket/ airway bill transaction to the financial lifecycle end-to-end.

Passenger Revenue
Accurate and on-time declaration of revenue is a crucial aspect in the airline space. Considering the complexity the segment, there would be several last minute modifications, changes etc., making accurate forecasting a challenge. We provide an effective passenger revenue accounting solution with real-time processing and advanced workflow capability. This helps in delivering revenues accurate to 99% within a few hours post receiving the data. This helps in offering projections that are accurate and realistic.

Cargo Revenue
The air cargo industry is among the most competitive and operators need a highly efficient cargo revenue accounting system to help them make informed decisions across the range of operations. Our cargo revenue accounting solution offers you clear insights into the operations helping you optimize your air cargo revenues.

Air Cargo Management - Reservation & Air Waybill Management

Legacy systems with older technologies largely power the air cargo industry. Hence data collation and analysis is average at its best and not many insights can be expected from the platform. Valenta’s cargo moving and handling solutions are highly automated and leverages this data to offer effective insights. Air cargo carriers can scale up in the quickest possible time as our solution connects each aspect of the air cargo value chain.

Airway Bill (AWB) Management
There are two kinds of airway bills commonly issued globally, when it comes to air cargo transportation.
– Airway bill from the airline, a pre-printed bill that issues carrier identification
– The neutral airway bill which does not have a pre-printed identification of the issuing carrier, one used by parties other than air carriers.

Valenta has years of expertise in AWB processing. We capture crucial data associated with these bills including:
• AWB numbers
• Sender information
• Recipient information
• Shipment information
• Services
• Packaging
• Special handling
• Payments
• Internal billing information

We process these bills by deploying a methodical process that involves:
• Scanning and saving of bills on the client server
• Accessing stored files to gather data which is further executed through data entry
• Save the required data from AWBs in a digital file format
• Verify the data and then generate required reports

Multi-lingual Contact Centre and Customer Service

Well stacked IT infrastructure, effective training and a cohesive operation is required to ensure a satisfied customer. We live in a world of devices – mobile, desktop and online customer support platforms, all of which must be in sync and quick in response. These means can be used judiciously to generate newer leads and repeat transactions from existing customers by delivering appropriate messages.

We at Valenta have developed various solutions to help customers gain from multi-channel support. We have in place a call-centre based customer-service with multiple languages support capability. We are equipped to handle a large number of calls (incoming and outgoing) in different languages ensuring we forge a strong cultural affinity between our agents and your customers. Our team of multilingual inbound agents can respond to calls/ emails from your customers and our outbound agents are can promote your offerings in your market by communicating in the local language ensuring a better connect and conversion.

Our services include:
• Answering of calls
• Email, SMS & social channels support
• Setting of appointment
• Receiving of messages
• Entry level helpdesk / reception services
• Instant & video chats

Sales Management

We have developed solutions specifically to enable clients to grow stronger relationships with existing customers and generate leads towards acquiring new customers. We offer both inbound and outbound services 24×7, in various languages to suit the time zones of prospective clients.

Our expertise in outbound services helps you promote your product in newer geographies and acquire newer customers. We also help companies personalise their communication to their customers and retain customers through constant engagement.

Our services include:
• Telemarketing sales campaigns
• Greetings to customers
• Appointment settings
• Seminar registration
• Consumer surveys
• Prospecting, lead generation and qualifying
• Quantitative and qualitative studies
• Direct mail and follow-up post tradeshows
• Market research
• Up-selling / Cross-selling
• B2B or B2C product/service selling

Airline Management - Flight Scheduling & Crew Management

Delayed/ cancelled flights, changing schedules, and inefficient operations impact an airline’s reputation. Managing an airline demands reliable, state-of-the-art solutions that help achieve a perfect synergy between reliability, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Valenta offers airline operations proven solutions for fleet management, fleet and end-to-end hub & crew operations helping them optimize resources. Real-time data integration in airline operations is a challenge that demands a lot of expertise. We offer an exhaustive OCC situational awareness snapshot to help in proactive decision making. This helps stakeholders in taking a call on the best management strategy in the interest of the operation.

Technology & Consulting Solutions

Most airline companies have legacy ERP solutions to manage their flight database and related operations. These solutions are often not flexible and customisable when it comes to changing time slots or destinations. Valenta’s state-of-the-art solutions help these operations handle such demands with flexibility and efficiency. Our solutions can also help in managing enterprise resource flows, ATP solutions that automate multi-tiered approvals for replacing flight parts, managing visitor flows and the database to safely store policy documents.

Why Valenta’s Aviation Industry Solutions

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Customised Solutions

We abhor the one size fits all mentality and tailor our solutions to exactly meet our client’s requirements. We offer flexibility in staffing and have the ability to ramp up/ withdraw resources based on requirements.

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Extension of your team

Our specialists can act as dedicated resources trained in your processes and practices ensuring they deliver effectively in competitive environments.

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We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, and our systems comply with international best practices for information security management.

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Our aviation industry professionals have a deep understanding of the travel and transportation industry and keep themselves updated on the latest innovations in the industry.

How does part and full time work

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