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Organisations have to constantly look for ways and means to enhance productivity and performance to stay ahead of the competition. Considering that most businesses today have complex operations and work flows, process management forms an important part of this ongoing journey towards efficiency.

Valenta has a team of experts with rich experience in process management consulting. We work closely with your management team to conduct a detailed analysis of the operations and practices. This is then evaluated to identify lag areas, if any, after which strategies are put together to improve activities at different stages ensuring there are fewer mistakes and the operations are performed efficiently. Our business process management consultants further document these processes in detail to ensure concerned stakeholders have a set of instructions for each task and it can be performed in a consistent manner.

Valenta offers end-to-end business process consulting from strategy to implementation, to help businesses cope with change and deliver positive outcomes. We are well-versed with the latest in digital technology and process optimisation and our business process consultants can create, extend, update or optimise your processes and help your teams gain the necessary knowledge to leverage the relevant eco-systems.

Why Valenta's Process Consultancy?

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Technology focused

Our business process consultants implement innovative technology solutions leveraging current technologies and platforms to further improve efficiency and performance.

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Deep insights

Our process management consultants possess the ability and experience to innately understand processes from all stakeholder perspectives including investors, employees, management and end clients.

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Thorough implementation

Our process consulting services do not end with just providing solutions. Valenta BPO business process consultant’s conducts periodic audits to check the efficiency of the solution and it’s implementation.

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Streamlining existing processes

Very rarely will our process consultants suggest implementing completely new processes for your business. Rather, they will streamline existing processes and provide new processes only where there are gaps to ensure quicker implementation and reduced costs.

Valenta's Process Consulting Roadmap

Discuss Scope Document – The scope document clearly defines the task on hand and what we plan to achieve with the implementation. Our approach commences with this blueprint.

Proposal – We provide you with an initial proposal detailing your requirements, estimated timelines and cost.

Business Discovery Sessions – Our business process consultants conduct a detailed walk through to understand your current processes, business objectives as defined in the scope document and review the supporting processes with key stakeholders.

Project sign off – Based on the discovery session, we will present you with the final proposal for sign-off.

Training – Training is crucial to the successful implementation of any project, and we roll out an exhaustive training plan to ensure all stakeholders enjoy a smooth transition.

Implementation – Our process consulting teams will implement the project at the sites as discussed and monitor them to ensure effective functioning and then take it live.

On-going support – Ongoing maintenance support is part of our offering and is based on your requirements as defined in our agreement.

Benefit realisation – Our business process consultant will work closely with the key stakeholders involved with the project to assess the benefits accrued, as and if, defined prior to designing the project.

Annual Review – Business requirements do change from time-to-time and we conduct annual reviews with  a gap analysis. Subsequently, our process consulting team would make the required recommendations for minor course corrections, if any, to optimise results.

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