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Real Estate Support Services

Increased financial risks, stricter regulations and moderate growth has led to real estate developers, property managers and contractors having to cut costs and improve efficiencies in order to stay competitive. Valenta offers a wide range of outsourced services specifically tailored to the real estate sector. Our real estate support services enable you to outsource your non-critical, time consuming tasks to us while you focus on core competencies and growing the business.

Our innovative real estate back office solutions enable you to quickly overcome resource challenges and cut costs and overheads. Highly trained resources and cutting-edge technology streamline processes, improve productivity and provide you with the support you need to achieve your ambitious growth objectives.

Valenta’s Real Estate Support Services

Property Management Support

Valenta provides a number of property management support services with our trained staff handling:

• Tenancy application processing
• New management administration
• OFI management
• CRM management
• New tenant administration
• Arrears management
• Maintenance and repair
• Lease renewals
• Tenancy exit
• General administration
• efiling
• Entry reports

Real Estate Marketing Support

Valenta’s experienced team provides comprehensive real estate marketing support services including:

• New listing campaigns
• Just sold / just leased campaigns
• Auction campaigns
• Social media management
• Video editing
• CRM management
• Collateral development

Real Estate Accounting Support

Our experts provide real estate accounting services, freeing you up to focus on your core tasks. We provide:

• Invoicing
• Trust accounting
• Payroll
• Accounts payable
• Reporting for the PM
• Bank reconciliation
• Reversal of receipt
• Coding of bills
• Creditor disbursement
• Processing end of month accounts
• Reviewing the property ledger
• Managing holding deposits

Real Estate Sales Support

Our experienced sales team improve productivity through our real estate sales support service which include:

• Lead generation
• Meeting preparation
• Listing packs
• Diary management
• Post service surveys
• OFI management
• CRM cleansing and management
• efiling
• Research work

Why Valenta’s Real Estate Support Services

Technology Focused

Dedicated Resources

Flexible Solutions

Innovative Processes

Full Time Resource

40 Hours a week

£1500 / per Month

Part Time Resource

20 Hours a Week

£750 / per Month

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