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Legal Process Outsourcing


Working with experts who have over 10 years of expertise in the field of Contract Management, Document Review and Specialized Legal Services, Valenta Legal Solutions provides law firms and businesses overseas the support they need to focus on issues that demand their substantive expertise and core competence whilst helping them reduce the time and effort spent on mundane and routine tasks.

Why Valenta Legal Solutions

Valenta Legal Solutions offers a full suite of services ranging from managed document review, contract and compliance management, regulatory change management and financial trade documentation to a range of specialized legal services. In outsourcing these tasks to Valenta Legal Solutions, companies can improve their productivity, maximise their resources and control their expenses eliminating the costs of hiring, recruiting and retaining full time legal support resources. Moreover, clients can benefit from a team of highly experienced legal process outsourcing professionals who possess over 10 years of experience providing legal solutions to a wide range of clients.

Valenta Legal Solutions’ legal outsourcing services model has in place robust processes to ensure quick and effective alignment with client practices. These preferences are recorded to ensure the engagement is seamless and ongoing, beyond the life of one project. 

Focused on Process, Efficiency and Expertise, our legal process solutions cut costs and provide advanced solutions to all our clients’ legal requirements and issues.

Valenta’s Legal Process Outsourcing Services

Managed Document Review

Valenta Legal Solutions has designed a refined process targeted to solve all queries related to Document Review. Our experienced reviewers and subject matter experts partner closely to provide you cost effective document review methodologies and a quality oriented work product. Valenta Legal Solutions offers:

  • Experienced Team of Document Reviewers                             
  • Well designed Quality assurance process
  • Time Management Techniques for Data submission 
  • Advanced Trackers for workflow management
  • Modern Six-Sigma based Root Cause Analysis                        
  • Comprehensive Data Security
  • Transparent Process and Review Mechanism                          
  • End to End delivery process

Managed Document Review Service Offerings

  • Workflow Management
  • Database Analysis
  • Advanced Audio Review
  • Extensive Chat Review
  • Foreign Language Review
  • Predictive Coding
  • Content Redactions & Sensitive Personal Data Redaction
  • Specialized Privileged Review, Logging & Redactions

Contract Management

Valenta Legal Solutions offers flexible and transparent solutions to clients that save time and money, administering and regulating Contracts in a determined manner. We provide an end to end process that involves negotiating contract terms with the contractual party, determining different clauses of the contract and managing the contract’s drafting, formalizing, abstracting, summarizing, negotiating and execution.

Contract Management Service Offering

  • Contract Review
  • Contract Abstraction & Summarisation
  • Playbook creation and management
  • Contract Support and assistance
  • Contract uploading & Downloading
  • Contract workflow Management

eDiscovery Analytics

Through various eDiscovery Analytics techniques, Valenta Legal Solutions provide comprehensive services to simplify the complex review process. Advanced and innovative analysis is performed to channelize the entire review mechanism helping not only in simplification of the review but also in helping increase our client’s efficiency, a crucial requirement when facing pressure from opposing parties or regulatory agencies.

Our eDiscovery Analytics services include:

  • Communication Pattern Analytics
  • Near Duplicates Analysis
  • Exact Duplicate Analysis
  • Concept Categorization
  • Key Terms Analysis
  • Date Range Analysis


Why Valenta’s Legal Process Outsourcing Services

Unrelenting Commitment to Quality

High Performance Professionals

Accountability & Reliability

Complete Transparency

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