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With outcomes provided in the wealth management sector attracting a strong regulatory focus it is more important than ever before for advisers to undertake and document comprehensive research before making suitable client recommendations. The opportunity cost of this however can be high for advisers if the activity consumes precious time leaving little for their clients and business development. To ensure this advice option is viable as part of their business offering, advisors can leverage the paraplanning outsourcing services at Valenta.

We understand the nuances of day-to-day operations in a financial planning business & compliance and appreciate the need for Suitability Reports to be generated with quick turnaround times. Our high quality, compliant outsourced paraplanning services enable you to focus on growing your business and building client relationships to improve overall profitability.

Our team of professional Paraplanners are trained across most industry software and on various strategies. Most financial planning practices face long delays and high costs with producing Suitability Reports. Our paraplanning services are designed to increase efficiencies and make businesses more profitable.

Our range of paraplanning services is designed to give you the flexibility to pick and choose only those elements that are needed to complement your business model and capitalise on your existing resources.

Valenta's Outsourced Paraplanning Services

Investment Research

Our paraplanning outsourcing team conduct a detailed investment research of your client’s existing portfolio and present a report that offers a comparison between the portfolio and the recommended portfolio.

Cashflow Modelling

Our professional paraplanners assist you with all your cash flow modelling requirements and have expertise on several leading cash flow modelling tools.

Needs Analysis

Our professional paraplanners provide a detailed need analysis with complete illustrations based on client requirements.

Suitability Reports

Our paraplanning outsourcing team prepare Suitability Reports based on your recommendations. These can either through your in-house Suitability Report Builders or manually through your customised templates.

Financial Planning Reports

Our professional Paraplanners have the expertise to prepare financial plans as per your client requirements and your recommendations. We generate these plans manually through your customised templates or through financial planning software. The reports would consist of details including such as clients’ personal data, contact information, dependent information, income and expenses, assets and liabilities, risk profiling, goals and objectives. Also provided would be cashflow modelling, comparison of existing vs recommended products and scenarios, alternate products & strategies and much more.

Implementation Paperwork ready for Presentation

Our paraplanning outsourcing team prepare the documentation required for implementation based on your recommendations and your client’s requirements. Replacement forms, letters of authority, new product provider forms and more, we can offer it all with the necessary documentation ready for presentation.

Why Valenta's Outsourced Paraplanning Services

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Largest provider of paraplanning services globally

Valenta has the largest number of professional paraplanners across the globe. Our highly experienced paraplanners have the expertise to offer a range of services with quick turnaround time.

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Extension of your team

Our outsourced paraplanners can act as a dedicated resources trained in your processes and business templates ensuring they deliver seamlessly in high pressure environments.

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Our Paraplanning Services have an ISO 9001 Certification for quality management systems.

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Award winning team

Our team of outsourced paraplanners are led by award winning financial advisors with a combined experience of over 80 years.

How does Paraplanning work

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Valenta Paraplanning Solutions – Offshore Model

Full Time Paraplanner

40 hours per week

£2,000 /per month

Part Time Paraplanner

20 hours per week

£1,000 /per month

Valenta Paraplanning Solutions – Onshore Model

Full Time Paraplanner

40 hours per week

£3,750 /per month

Part Time Paraplanner

20 hours per week

£1,875 /per month

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