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Accounting for Accountants


Accountants/ firms are often bogged down by repetitive, time consuming tasks ,most of which can done more efficiently through outsourced bookkeeping and accounting. Valenta BPO offers end-to-end outsourced accounting services to such firms/accountants across the UK. This ensures they are freed to concentrate on tasks that are more individual skill based, focus on client engagements and business growth. This also eliminates the need for such operations to invest precious resources on recruitment and long term in-house employment.

The best approach to take when identifying what to outsource is to look at your current business today and more importantly where you see it in the near future. We work with you to understand your business model and identify areas where we can add value through our experienced outsourced accounting team.

Our certified accountants have over 50 years of collective work experience in the UK and provide quick, accurate and compliant virtual accounting services at cost-effective rates. We work with many of the world’s top 100 accounting firms.

Industries Served

Construction Companies

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Charities and Trusts

Agriculture and Rural Business

Real Estate

Pharmaceutical Industry

Film Industry

Healthcare Profession

Limited Liability Partnerships

Valenta’s Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Year-end accounts

Valenta’s Outsourced Accounting services help firms both small and large train their expertise on the financial statements/ interpretation/compliance/ taxation etc. of clients, taking away the labourious process behind it. Our outsourced accounting support includes:

• Collecting all relevant documents from you
• Preparation of notes, control accounts, trial balance, P&L and balance sheet in our unique indigenous working papers
• Finalisation of accounts on an accounting software of your choice or providing a CSV for you to import
• Sending of reminders to you for any queries raised ensuring you don’t miss on those
• Providing you with a required set of accounts, iXBRL, tax computation and backup file
• Filing of accounts with Companies House and HMRC once accounts are approved

Management Accounting

We offer customised management accounting services enabling you to offer your clients an updated view on their business performance, helping the management in making informed business decisions/ course correction.

This includes:

• Periodic management accounts as per your need
• Cash flow report
• Aged reports
• Budgets and forecasts
• Variance reports
• Dividend vs. loan planning report
• Other reports of your choice

Our process

• We understand your requirements and intended purpose of the report
• We generate reports to suit your specific requirements
• We provide you with final reports that are easy-to-use and interpret


We realise the time involved in day-to-day record keeping, an aspect that concerns most accountants in practice. Our outsourced bookkeeping services’ frees you from these hassles enabling you to invest your time in more productive/ profitable assignments.

We offer:

• Simple record keeping
• Bank reconciliation
• Sales, purchases, banking transactions and their analysis
• Reports for VAT returns
• Variance reports
• Dividend vs. loan planning report
• Other reports of your choice

Our process

• We collect the base documents from you
• We use the software of your choice
• We make our notes and assumptions and gather your inputs
• We provide necessary reports

Company formation and compliances

The scope of accounting outsourcing services has grown over the years from basic to more complex offerings. We too have kept up with this trend and our offering is not restricted to just basic outsourced accounting services. We have specialists in our team with the expertise to assist you with company formation and the subsequent secretarial and admin tasks. Here’s what we offer:

• Company formation
• File confirmation statements
• Registering for VAT and PAYE
• Addition/removal of officers
• Changes in shareholding and share capital
• Dividend minutes and vouchers
• Extending/shortening period
• Other statutory documents

Our process

• We collect the required details from you
• We examine the documents and application made
• We follow up with the respective authorities to check on status
• We provide you confirmation copies/minutes for your perusal


These are usually executed over Companies House and the HMRC portal while minutes and vouchers can be provided in office applications.

Payroll and Auto enrollment

Valenta Accounting recognizes the significance of Pay day. Our experts provide professional payroll services to accountants in practice to save them from payroll complications and compliances so their clients don’t suffer any late filing penalties.

What we do?

• Periodic payroll and RTI submissions
• Auto enrolment and its administration
• P11Ds
• Earlier year update (EYU)
• Ascertain PAYE payable
• Add/remove employees
• CIS submissions

Our process

• We process the timesheets/pay information in software of your choice
• We verify payroll reports with you beforehand to minimize corrections
• We file RTI once reports are approved
• We provide confirmation copies and necessary reports like payslips, P32 etc.

Vat returns

We understand the significance of pay day and the preparation that must go behind to ensure disbursement. Our professional accountants have the expertise in payroll services that accountants in practice can obtain to avoid complications from issues related to payroll such as clients facing late filing penalties.

We offer:

• Periodic payroll and RTI submissions
• Auto enrolment and its administration
• P11Ds
• Earlier year update (EYU)
• Ascertain PAYE payables
• Add/remove employees
• CIS submissions

Our process

• We process timesheets/pay information in a software of your choice
• We verify payroll reports to minimize corrections
• We file RTI once reports are approved
• We provide confirmation copies and necessary reports like payslips, P32 etc.


At Valenta, we have the required staff with a detailed understanding of taxation in the UK. Our experienced outsourced tax preparation team has vast experience in filing taxes for individuals, partnerships, LLPs and companies.

We offer

• Business tax computation
• CT600 (short and full)
• Self-assessment (SA 100 and SA 800)
• Capital Gain and Property taxes
• Entrepreneurs relief
• Filing CT600 and self-assessment
• Forecast of personal and business taxes

Our process

• We gather basic accounts data and other relevant information
• We analyse the Profit and Loss and balance sheet items individually
• We take into consideration S455, losses available, carrying back, capital allowances etc.
• We calculate taxes, provide tax returns, iXBRL and computations
• We also recommend the scope for tax saving on request

Bespoke tasks

Each business is distinct and needs a service optimised for it. We at Valenta realise that the concept of ‘one size fits all’ is not applicable to today’s business environment and hence do not restrict ourselves to a fixed bouquet of vanilla accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services. We take our engagement a step ahead by offering solutions that are customised ground up, to suit specific customer requirements.

Our offering

• We manage your practice so that you can focus on the business side of things
• We handle all admin/ repetitive tasks giving you time for more important activities
• We deal with correspondence with various departments – HM Revenue & Customs
• We manage your receivables and payables

Our process

• We will work with you to determine the services your business requires and our team then develops a process to best suit your needs.

Why Valenta’s Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

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End-to-end solutions

From preparing accounts to follow up for required information to filing it with HMRC and Companies House once they have been approved, we offer all services along the activity chain.

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Quickest turnarounds

We are recognised for having among the quickest turn-around times in the industry. Subject to complexities, our turnaround time in most tasks is 1-2 business days.

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Experienced team

Led by professionals with a collective experience of over 80 years in UK accounting practices, we constantly update ourselves with changes in the laws/ codes and guidelines to ensure the client’s compliance in all aspects related to accounting.

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Extension of your team

We offer dedicated resource(s) trained in the client’s practices and processes ensuring they function seamlessly as an extension of the client’s team.

How does part and full time work

Accounting Services UK - Valenta BPO

Valenta Accounting Solutions - Dedicated Staffing model

Full Time Accountant

40 hours per week

£1,250 /per month

Part Time Accountant

20 hours per week

£625 /per month

Valenta Accounting Solutions - Ad Hoc (Transactional Pricing)

Book keeping£7.00per hour
VAT£8.00per hour
Year end£10.00per hour
Payroll£10.00Employee setup and company setup in software (up to 5 employees)
£1.50Per employee payslip per month
£ 0.50Revision per employee payslip per month
£ 1.50CIS per contractor per month
£10.00P11D per employee
£ 0.50AE pension upload per employee per month
£10.00Misc. tasks per task basis (PAYE registrations, communication with HMRC etc.)

Valenta Accounting Solutions - Self- assessment (SA100) Pricing

Base return charges£15.00
Additional charges as per below on per income basis:
Rental property£15.00
Capital gain/loss (per share)£5.00
Capital gain/loss (per capital asset)£10.00
Self-employment schedule£10.00
Other income£5.00
Foreign income (does not include world-wide disclosures)£10.00
Deductions and reliefs£5.00
Communication per task (if you want us to do communication for basic queries)£5.00

Software Expertise

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