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Human Resource Outsourcing

Businesses today face huge costs in acquiring and retaining the right talent and this can be attributed to high attrition rates, a shrinking talent pool and the difficulties in sustaining employee engagement. As such there is a need for cost-effective and efficient human resource management to enable companies to be more sustainable and competitive.

Valenta’s end-to-end human resource outsourcing (HRO) services allow businesses to efficiently achieve all their HR objectives by outsourcing their non-critical HR functions. Backed by decades of experience, our team of experts are proficient in managing any stage of the HR lifecycle, allowing our client’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives and critical tasks.

Valenta’s Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Full Cycle Recruitment

Valenta’s team of recruitment experts posses vast experience in every stage of the recruitment process. Based on the engagement, we begin by first understanding the job requirement and analysing if we possess all the necessary details. We then Identify and build a database of prospective employees sourced from multiple platforms.

Our experts then conduct a through screening process which includes resume processing, qualification checks and pre-interviews. We then choose the best talent through a comprehensive interview process followed by reference checks and pre-hire assessments.

When needed we also help our client make the onboarding process smoother and more efficient.

Employment Screening

Valenta helps companies mitigate problems arising from the employment of individuals with undesirable backgrounds by providing robust employee screening services. From basic to high level security checks, our automated software and experienced team enable for quick and efficient screening processes that help clients save time and money.

Candidate Sourcing

Filling up openings with the right candidates in the shortest amount of time is essential to avoid any disruptions in the business. However, this can become a difficult and time-consuming task unless managed properly. Valenta provides comprehensive candidate sourcing services right from building and cleansing databases to checking availability and even headhunting the right candidates.

Payroll Administration

Specialists in all aspects of the employee lifecycle, Valenta provides SME’s and Large Business with efficient and cost-effective payroll outsourcing services. Our flexible working model allows us to quickly scale resources up and down depending on the workloads. Our team of experts understand the complexities involved in a dynamic payroll system and possess the capabilities to manage payroll systems across industries. Our services include:
• Pre-payroll
• Payroll gross to net processing
• Post-payroll processing
• Taxation
• Year-end Activities

Workforce Management

We enable business to effectively manage their HR functions through comprehensive organisation of employee data. Our workforce managers provide numerous workforce administration functions including:
• Managing employee records
• Managing Life and employment Events
• Managing structural changes in the organisation
• Managing employee leaves

Pensions and Employee Benefits

Valenta provides a wide range of employee benefits administration services that allow businesses to manage this time-consuming process more effectively. Our team of specialists are experienced in providing effective solutions across industry verticals and geographies.

Employee Engagement

Our team of HR experts are experienced in assisting and implementing numerous employee engagement programs for our clients. Give the importance of engagement programs to maintain employee satisfaction, Valenta can help clients dynamically manage engagement initiatives to make them more efficient and impactful.

Why Valenta’s Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Technology Focused

Dedicated Resources

Flexible Solutions

Innovative Processes

Full Time Resource

40 Hours a week

£1500 per Month

Part Time Resource

20 Hours a Week

£750 a Month

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