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Financial Planning Administrators


We understand the day-to-day operations of a financial planning business. Our outsourced financial planning administrators are trained to assist in all admin & implementation activities, annual reviews, customer service and business administration. Most financial planning practices are over-burdened with work and strained to deliver satisfactory customer service and our financial planning assistant teams play a significant role in helping them get more efficient.

Valenta’s Financial Planning Administrator Services

  • Processing Letter of Authorities and obtaining information from fund providers
  • Fact Find Data Entry in to the various Back offices / CRM
  • Prepare Quarterly / Annual Review Documents
  • Tracking and splitting of commissions
  • Prepopulate forms
  • Implementation of Paperwork
  • Ongoing Client Management Services
  • Fee Disclosure Statements
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Setting up bank payments
  • Reconciliations
  • Customer Service
  • Transcription
  • MI Reporting

Why Valenta's Financial Planning Administrators

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The largest team of financial planning administrators globally

Valenta has the largest number of financial planning administrators spread across the globe. This ensures clients efficient service and quick turnaround times.

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Extension of your team

 We offer dedicated financial planning assistants depending on the requirement, trained in the client’s practices, processes and business templates ensuring a seamless operation.

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Expert leadership

Our financial planning assistants are led by award winning financial advisors who have a combined experience of over 80 years. This ensures quality, competence and accurate execution.

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Expertise in a wide range of software and tools

Our financial advisor assistants are experts in all commonly used software ensuring minimal learning curves during onboarding.

How do Financial Planning Administrators work

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Valenta Financial Planning Admin - Dedicated Staffing model

Full Time Financial Planning Admin

40 hours per week

£1,000 /per month

Part Time Financial Planning Admin

20 hours per week

£500 /per month

Transactional Pricing

Annual Reviews   –   £120

Cashflow Modelling   –   £50 (+£15 per scenario past 2 scenario)

Needs Analysis + Illustrations   –   £25

LOA Processing and Collation   –   £15 per LOA

Fact Find Data Entry   –   £35 per case

Adhoc tasks   –   Contact for pricing

Related Services - Paraplanning

New Business - Pay per report

Protection   –   £125 (plus £50 per additional plan)

Investments   –   £125 (plus £50 per additional plan)

Pension   –   £125 (plus £50 per additional plan)

Mortgages   –   £125 (plus £50 per additional plan)

Transfer / Replacement -Pay per report

Pension Transfers   –   £200 (Added plan £75)

ISA Transfers   –   £150

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