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Build Your Off-Shore Team


With our rich experience in setting up and operating Business Process Outsourcing centres, we have the knowhow to assist organisations with captive offshoring. Ideally, offshore captive centres are recommended for businesses considering employing 200+ staff while smaller-sized businesses could engage the services of a BPO.

We have a strong presence in India and Malaysia, both cost-effective and resource rich geographies, and can provide you with the assistance required to set up outsourcing centres there. Our captive offshoring services include identification of a suitable office space, recruiting of employees and training your team based on your operational requirements. You can count on us for other support services to ensure an efficient operation.

Valenta’s Captive Offshoring Engagement Models

We understand that each client’s is unique and offer engagement models to suit specific requirements.

Leasing of Staff

We offer offshore staffing services wherein you can choose your team from our group of employees who will work exclusively for you, full-time from our offices. This team is legally employed and managed by us but is dedicated to your projects. The level of control could be defined by you and you could instruct/ interact with them directly. If more effective, you could also put together your own dedicated on-site management team.

Virtual Captive Centres

A wholly-owned subsidiary established in a new region as an extension of the parent company, setting up offshore captive centres is time consuming and demands substantial initial investments and long-term commitment. Most of our clients prefer to use our virtual captive services as they go about building their offshore operation. This is a quick, cost effective and low-risk approach to assessing the region before a larger and long term commitment is made. Our clients could also use our services with an intention of acquiring the resources at some point of time in the future and merge them with their subsidiary.

Joint ventures

Often times outsourcing is not an option for companies considering they could be handling sensitive data or proprietary processes that demand great operational control and quality assurance. This apart there could be several other reasons for tighter ownership and monitoring. However a captive centre or a subsidiary may not be a viable or a cost effective option considering the high level of time, effort and costs involved. We have a perfect solution to address such scenarios too and offer companies a joint venture option to alleviate the challenges and get the activity going. With the joint venture company, you can leverage the local resources and expertise we have built to begin operations quickly and ramp up in minimum time.


If your organisation’s long term objective is to fully own and control the entire offshore captive centre, we can offer a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement. Here we will build and operate your offshore operation for a defined period of time after which we could transfer the entire captive centre to your own representative company.

Outsourcing Vs Captive Offshoring

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Why Valenta's Captive Offshoring Services

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No cap on team size

Ability and expertise to set up captive centres of any size

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Staffing expertise

Proven expertise in recruitment and ability to identify and recruit the best of talent for your team.

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Presence in multiple geographies

Have the expertise in setting up delivery centres and understand the local culture, laws, customs and market dynamics in both India and Malaysia.

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Resource training

Capability to train your captive centre sources in your processes if needed.

Advantages of Outsourcing and Captive Offshoring

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