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A rapidly growing organisation, Valenta is committed to increasing our range of offerings as well as our presence across regions. We are confident of leveraging our domain expertise and global experience and are bullish about the exciting possibilities ahead. Towards achieving this, we invite interested entrepreneurs/ businesses who share our vision to join hands with us as franchisees in this amazing journey.

Why Valenta Franchise?

  • Our franchise offering is cost-effective and affordable compared with several other offers
  • We design and manage all operations and the franchise owner focuses exclusively on business growth and client relationships
  • Client servicing and implementation will be handled completely by our team at Valenta. The franchise owner would only have to interact with the client from time to time if necessary in order to reinforce the relationship
  • Issues such as office space, recruitment and staffing will be handled by us at Valenta
  • It is not necessary for the franchise owner to give up his current job/ engagements immediately to build the franchise. The Valenta franchise can start off as a part-time initiative and the owner can take it up as a full time activity once there is significant business growth and profit.
  • We have in place a globally-proven business and one that is successfully working in the UK, US and Australia

What we do?


We help businesses identify tasks/processes they can outsource and offer them dedicated full time or part time staff at our offices in India and Malaysia.


We work with businesses to identify process and technology improvements within their business, design and implement effective solutions.


We developed Nuclear CRM, which is a great any business (big or small). We work with businesses looking at implementing a CRM or reviewing their current CRM and help them with the on-boarding process.

What you get

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Hands on training

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Access to our team of experts

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Quarterly one on one business planning sessions

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Cutting edge technology

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IT support

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Marketing support

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Multiple revenue streams

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Annual conference

Suitable for

Valenta BPO UK - Process Consulting

Corporate executives

Valenta BPO UK - Offshore Teams


Low investment franchise opportunity for mums - Valenta BPO UK

Returning mums


  • Have a strong understanding of business processes
  • Are good with technology
  • Are good at building long term relationships
  • Have expertise in any industry

Our process

Low cost franchise process - Valenta BPO UK

About the Opportunity

Jayesh Kasim talks about the Valenta BPO Franchise opportunity.

Franchise Buyer Magazine

In a relatively short time frame, Valenta BPO has positioned itself as a global organisation meeting crucial needs of SME’s. As the journey progressed from outsource consulting to process and technology in business – that’s where franchising entered the frame. Read More

Revenue model

Franchise Revenue Model - Valenta BPO UK

Valenta Franchise Solutions

Initial costs

Franchise Costs GBP  35,000  +  VAT

Training Costs GBP  5,000   +  VAT

Ongoing costs

GBP 400 + VAT per month for marketing

GBP 175  +  VAT per month for technology

Need Help ?

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