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With cloud based solutions growing in prominence in recent times, a growing number of enterprises are moving their operations onto this space. Salesforce is among the leading names offering a wide range of cloud based solutions to businesses in the areas of CRM, business analysis, consulting, sales, account management, marketing, customer support, accounting, call centre management and more.

Valenta is a Salesforce implementation partner and has professionals with proven expertise in Salesforce consulting and implementation. Whether it is a Salesforce CRM deployment or analytics, we can help you by delivering a solution that’s optimised, efficient and high performing.

Why Valenta's Salesforce Consultancy?

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Flexible Solutions

Our extensive Salesforce experience allows us provide flexible solutions for our clients. Be it an end-to-end customised solution or strategic inputs on optimising specific aspects of the CRM, our Salesforce implementation experts provide a solution tailored for you.  

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Deep insights

Our Salesforce consultants have the experience to understand processes from the perspectives of various stakeholders – employees, management and end-clients.

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Extensive experience

We have implemented custom Salesforce solutions for various organisations across domains world-wide and leverage that experience to design a solution that works best for you.

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Robust solutions

Our Salesforce consultants have the ability to integrate third party applications and customise Salesforce to deliver solutions that are robust and functional.

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