Digital Agility in Uncertain Times: Embracing Agile Technology to Soften the Blow of Economic Uncertainty

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Now, more thanever, companies are learning just how important it is to have a company that isagile, digital, and operating with the most streamlined processes to reducewaste and increase efficiency in operations. Process improvement and wasteelimination in business are always important elements to consider. However, itis now a topic that is necessary and not just beneficial to discuss.

In light of therecent COVID-19 epidemic, many companies are coming to understand just how valuable thisagility can be and how much it could actually affect their ability to conductbusiness. If a company is not able to adapt to the digital age, they are notgoing to have a strong future in a stable economy, let alone the uncertaineconomic state that we are currently facing. Read on to find out more aboutdigital agility and how it can save your business during unpredictable timeslike these.

What isDigital Agility?

Digital agilityhas many different takes and a few definitions, depending on who you ask. Whatit basically refers to, however, is the ability of a company to flexibly growand adapt, using thelatest technology to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

The modern business in the digital age has a much different focus, albeit still customer-oriented, and it’s important to understand how that focus shift changes the way that you do business on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, the focus should be on maximising customer value while also minimising waste.

Although everyone knows it is virtually unattainable, the goal of providing perfect value to every customer through a streamlined, 100% efficient process that optimises flows of products and services is the goal that every business should be striving for. You may never get there, but aiming for perfection will get you much closer than doing whatever is “good enough” to get by.

Most importantly,digital agility is no longer an option. Now is the time to get on board or getleft behind.

Proof ThatDigital Agility is Here to Stay

Althoughfirsthand experience is the best way to prove that being digitally agile is thekey to success for your company,it’s going to take some time for you to see those results. Here are someimportant statistics that can help you understand the value and importance ofincorporating this methodology into your everyday business.

  • Companiesthat go agile will save as much as 60% on operational costs for things likeoverheads, office space, benefits and sick leave, and other employee-relatedexpenses.
  • 46%of companies surveyedreported using agile or hybrid agile approaches and strategies over the courseof the past 12 months of operation.
  • In2017, 80% of all federal IT projects were listed as “agile”.
  • Morethan one-third of marketers reported using some form of agile technology tomanage workflows. That number is only on the rise.
  • 84%of companies agree that having agility is a must to succeed in digitaltransformation.

EmbracingDigital Agility: What You Can Do

One of thebiggest components of being digitally agile is to embrace the concept andfigure out what strategy and which elements of agility are going to be mostuseful to your company. Here are two of the biggest tasks that should be onyour agenda.


One of the bestways to cut costs while you streamline your options is to outsource any digitalservices and business processes that you can. While you won’t be able to relyon outsourcing for all of the tasks in your daily operations, a lot of the moretedious and complex duties can be outsourced. That leaves your team free tohandle the elements of your business that truly matter. It also saves you up to60% or more on operational costs and overhead expenses.


Embracingtechnology to automate your business or at least a majority of its activitiesis another big part of embracing the agility that is being offered to modernbusinesses today. Investing in user-friendly, digital automation will free upyour time to focus on things that deserve more of your attention. With a strongintegrated CRM and marketing platform, you can eliminate a lot of tedious tasksfor your staff and streamline a number of simple duties.

How ValentaCan Help

Valenta BPO has been paving the way for business process outsourcing and streamlining operations through the incorporation of digitally agile solutions, including integrated CRM solutions with Salesforce and Zoho. This can automate a number of basic tasks and day-to-day activities that don’t need the extra human attention, freeing up your staff to put their focus where it needs to be.

If you’re ready to embrace lean, agile operations and take on the future of streamlined digital business, call Valenta today to find out how we can help.


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